About Us

Do not hesitate to contact if you have some project in mind. We will insight some lights & unicorns there.

For Startups:

Zebra Digital is a bootstrapped agency which helps you bootstrap further by offering technology-driven digital media solutions.

For Traditional Business:

We are exorcists for Digi phobic businesses & individuals.

For Medium Enterprises/Companies:

Zebra Digital helps you scale your business by offering growth hacking techniques with the virality of digital media.


Sibu Sahu
Creative Director + Co-Founder  Lnkd

Jay Bhatt
CEO   Lnkd

Rahul Gogi
Creative Head

Rishi Barbhaya
Website Developer  

Krish Jangid
Sr. Graphic Designer

Pranoti Hinge
SEO Expert

Anil Kamble
Graphic Designer

Aniket Surve
Graphic Designer

Palak Parmar
Social Media Head

Akshat Shah
Social Media Executive

We enjoy doing stuff like

We made sweet goodies for

  • Filmycon
  • Clearkar
  • BrandWhiz
  • Magarmach
  • Zell Education
  • Hashtag
  • Crossbow Sports
  • Green Moksha
  • Pentableu
  • Welvert
  • Beyond The Byte
  • Workloft
  • SBI – Hope Loans
  • FirdBird VR
  • Aqasion
  • Third Eye Consulting
  • Alpa Shah
  • BlissfulSun
  • Indian Medical Students Association

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