About Us

Do not hesitate to contact if you have
some project in mind. We will insight some lights & unicorns there.

For Startups:

Zebra Digital is a bootstrapped agency which helps you bootstrap further by offering technology driven digital media solutions.

For Traditional Business:

We are exorcists for Digi phobic businesses & individuals.

For Medium Enterprises/Companies:

Zebra Digital helps you scale your business by offering growth hacking techniques with the virality of digital media.

The Core Team

Sibu Sahu

Creative Director + Co-Founder
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Jay Bhatt

CEO + Co-Founder
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Sumukh Vishwe

Operation Head
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Shreeyanka Naik

Business Head
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Pranav Manjrekar

Strategist & Visualizer
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

Krish Jangid

Senior Graphic Designer
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.

We enjoy doing stuff like

We made sweet goodies for

  • Filmycon
  • Clearkar
  • BrandWhiz
  • Magarmach
  • Zell Education
  • Hashtag
  • Crossbow Sports
  • Green Moksha
  • Pentableu
  • Welvert
  • Beyond The Byte
  • Workloft
  • SBI – Hope Loans
  • FirdBird VR
  • Aqasion
  • Third Eye Consulting
  • Alpa Shah
  • BlissfulSun
  • Indian Medical Students Association

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