Exclusive interview with Jay Bhatt and Sibu Sahu, Co-Founders of: Zebra Digital

Sibu Sahu a compulsive articulator who is a serial entrepreneur, whereas Jay Bhatt the one with a jar full of experiences is excelling at his very first attempt in entrepreneurship.

Both of them are friends from school, trying to change the course of their life ever since. From sharing the same bench in school to sharing equities today. Now they are successfully running Zebra Digital, a 360° Digital Marketing Agency offering services like technology development, branding, designing, growth hacking etc. currently based in Opera House, Mumbai.

They offer various types of Services which includes –


Here, Sibu and Jay Co-founders of Zebra Digital talks about their start up and share their views on entrepreneurship.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of starting Zebra Digital?
Our Story is not clichéd, it doesn’t start with ONE FINE DAY, OUT OF NOWHERE WE REALISED THE GAP IN THE SECTOR OF DIGITAL MARKETING. I(Sibu) was nearing to close down my first venture, Magarmach.com. Meanwhile, Jay was stuck to his daily routine of 9 – 6. We worked together on certain assignments in Magarmach, finally, in the month of March 2016, we knew we wanted to work together on something that excited us and allowed us to keep dreaming and stay motivated, but I had already invested a lot of my time & money into my previous venture.

So we decided to start something traditional, proven & a money minting business. What is better than starting out with a Digital Marketing Company in the 21st Century with Mr Modi on our side.

Q. How do you define your journey of entrepreneurship?
It’s been one hell of a ride ever since we stepped into this hilarious thing called entrepreneurship.

  • What our parents think we are doing – Running away from our life & wasting our time.
  • What our friends think we are doing – Slaying the act of swag
  • What our relatives think we are doing – Pata nahi kahan jaata hai roz Subah bike leke.
  • What my girlfriend thinks – Working Religiously & Enjoying leadership.
  • What it truly is – 16 Hours of work/Day + Dreams + Determination + Dedication + Perseverance & a starving stomach.

Q. What were the problems you faced while establishing your venture and how did you overcome it?

We wouldn’t want to call them as problems, but we had more of challenges than problems. The challenging part was to arrange a few lakhs to kick start our business or trick a client to believe in us and give us the project. We did exactly that, not to mention but we even did a Fab job for our first client. Then we had our second set of challenges, and the list starts with building up a team and a cool place to relax our asses. There were times when we were left with Zero Cash, it was difficult to even pay for our Chai Sutta.

But looking back at those days it feels good, at least we will have a story to tell which is inspiring, motivating and a lot more adjectives.

Q. What are the recent trends that entrepreneurs should focus on in 2017 according to you both?

Don’t start without any prior domain experience or expertise. Keep your eyes wide enough to look at the ample amount of opportunities around you & try to make the most of the available resources. The market is now mature enough to understand & buy complex models/items. There are angel investors, VC’s with bags and bags of money, but it does not belong to you, don’t run for funding and investments etc. before having a concrete & a business proven model.

Q. Should entrepreneurship be introduced as a course in universities and schools?

It’s already been adopted by a few universities, very soon we will see a huge shift in the educational markets with the rise in startups and more innovation in India. More Power to our Country.

Q. How did you both, deal with the risk factors involved in establishing startups. As many young people hesitate to take risks for establishing their own startups. What is your advice for them?

In our early 20’s we realized what it is to become a millionaire, we had answers to why following your passion is important, why aiming small in life is a crime, what happens when people fail and what happens when you do good for the society. We understood the ecosystem of life. We understood Justin Timberlake’s “What goes around comes around”.

Search for answers to these questions, you will then yourself be able to define your goals.

Q. How do the two of you plan to take forward zebra digital?

Both of us are 24 now. At this stage, we are content with the few brands that we handle. To name a few Domino’s Pizza India, Harrisons Bags etc., although our speciality lies in growing and scaling up Startups & SME’s.

To be true we are waiting for the day when we get a call from either a Chinese or a Russian Billionaire. With an acquisition offer on the table.



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