Prove me Wrong | The Stereotypes

For past few weeks, we are getting bombarded with a lot of cold leads (for our digital marketing agency), where it is required to make hundreds of Quotations & Proposals.

Well, the most crucial part is the fear of Underquoting or Over Quoting than any other agency out there.

Hence that leaves us with only one parameter i.e Making quotations based upon client’s Surname.┬áLOL.


Read On

1. Write your name in 300 words.

2. Don’t be shocked to find Donald Patel as the Next US President.

3. When ‘V’ is ‘B’ & ‘ONE’ is ‘WON’.

4. They are not CHINESE.

5. Not every Kapoor is a Superstar.

6. Made in Persia, Distributed in India.

7. Deer had a Natural Death.

8. They carry their own spray, Pichakkkkkk.

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